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The club is affiliated to the National Federation of Bonsai Societies.

This is a means of communication between all the other bonsai societies in the UK & abroad,

so that there are an infinite number of bonsai events that one can attend all over the country.



Our club meetings are informal, and visitors are welcome at any meeting.

In addition to an annual subscription of 20 club members pay 2 per night attendance.


Extra fees may apply for special events.



There is a free public car park adjacent to the church hall.



This is a typical club night, with a quite a few bonsai brought in by members.



This was a special weekend seminar which was held to discuss a number of member's

trees, the styling, the problems, and the potential. John Pitt was invited to lead

the seminar.



This photograph was taken at our annual club show, which was held at Dyffryn Gardens.

As well as putting on a display of members' trees, there are usually some demonstrations

taking place, and quite a few club members enjoy displaying their skills in styling and also

working on their trees over the course of the weekend .



The club encourages participation by members and welcomes requests by members

for particular activities and events.