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The first attempt to start a club  in Cardiff was made by a Mr Colin

Eyres in 1981. There is, in the club library a copy of a leaflet  on

bonsaiwhich was taken from a British Bonsai Association club booklet,

with a sticker on it saying Cardiff Bonsai Society, Chairman Founder and

Editor, C.Eyres, with the address 70 Coed Cochwyn, Llanishen, Cardiff.

The club petered out, due to lack of support, but there was still a need

 for a club this side of the Bristol Channel.


The next attempt was made by Carl Terry and John Sanger, in

association with the Majoes. Notices were posted in garden centres and

put in the local newspapers, and the first meeting was held in the Beulah

Church Hall, Rhiwbina in Sept 1989. 20 members were signed up.

Dan Barton was invited to talk in Nov 1989, and there was almost

immediately a membership list of 54 people, many of whom are still

members. The club's instant success proves that there was a need.


There have been quite a few fluctuations to the fortunes of the club,

based mainly on the number of members. Other clubs started in South

Wales, and the membership was split, dropping the number of members

in Cardiff to about 20, and making it more difficult to survive. In 1993

problems started to occur, because the regular monthly meeting place

 in the downstairs hall at Beulah was wanted by an aerobics class which

met every week. As a result Mick & Barbara introduced us to the

Bethel Church Hall in Whitchurch, and we have been pleased to meet

there since June 1993.


In 2012 Cardiff Bonsai Club was part of the organizing group for

Bonsai in Wales at Tredegar House, which was a national event,

staging some of the best trees in the country, and holding demos

of international standard. This was the third major show held in Wales

and there was an emphasis on trees of Welsh origin. The support and

enthusiastic participation of the bonsai fraternity made this a very

successful and enjoyable event.



In 2013 the National Trust took over the running of Dyffryn Gardens

and there was some uncertainty about our annual show, but after

a late arrangement being made, we did have a show at the gardens

as usual, and this now seems to have been accepted as an annual event

with the new management.



2014 was another year of change, due to a drop in membership at the

same time as an increase in rent. It became obvious that it was in the

interests of the club to find another venue. This wasn't easy but we

found another suitable hall, the Scout Hall at Christchurch, on

Lake Rd North, adjacent to Roath Park, with a vacancy for a Tuesday

booking, so we changed not only our venue but the evening on which

we met. The change of evening didn't suit all our members, but some

ex-members have returned, and we also have new members in our

new location.


In 2018 there was another change, we didn't hold our show at Dyffryn

Gardens for the first time since 2000. Enthusiam was waning, the marquee

was deteriorating, and the visitor numbers were very low. The amount

of effort wasn't justified, even though we valued it as a superb setting

for the bonsai. In 2018 we put our efforts towards a larger show at the

Riverfront in Newport, which was another spectacular venue. In 2019

however we decided to go small and use our own meeting place for our

annual event, and hold an Open Day in Roath Park for local people.

This worked surprisingly well - we were fortunate with the weather, but

we had a steady stream of visitors, and everyone enjoyed the day.

We had a smaller display than we were used to, but it was so sucessful

that it will be repeated annually on August Bank Holiday Saturdays.